This is my 2014 dreambox, based on Leonie Dawson’s suggestion of a dreamboard for the new year. The choosing of the pieces was meant to be subconscious and intuitive: taking whatever speaks, leaving whatever doesn’t. Somehow, as I did this and pieced the 4 sides together, I found that it represented what I wanted for this year (and my life): writing/reflection/minimalism, the Southwest, a fierce feminine warrior spirit, and a rural/country/simple life. I’m pursuing all of those things, they are already in me, and I am manifesting them into my life in tangible ways, starting with an old cardboard box.

When I woke up this morning, I had a messy pile of collage material and no idea that this would coalesce. I am always amazed at what happens when magic, flow, and creative energy collide, how things unfold and it is always right. There is no wrong. This is the kind of art that I’ve been waiting for, the kind that flows from my fingers in a blissful wave. The kind that represents my soul and the things that matter to it.

My soul feels like it let out a long sigh of relief, took a few deep breaths. Like it was finally listened to, and it can lean back and let it all go.